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I wanted to showcase the best of the White House Digital Strategy, so I developed one possible way to score federal agencies on their progress.

To execute on this, I will need to pull data from APIs, and other ways, so I can develop a story about the progress of the Digital Strategy.

First I needed a list of federal agencies. Using I was able to get a list of all 246 federal agencies via the federal agency directory API.

I didn't just want the name of each agency, it would be nice to have an image too. When some ninja surfing skills I was able to pull the logo for each federal agency.

The first major component of a successful digital strategy is social. I needed to pull a list of social accounts for each federal agency and once again turned to, and used the Social Media Registry.

After I had the Facebook, Twitter and Github accounts for all agencies, I pulled the like count, follower count and repository count for each agencies social media account.

Next I needed both the 2.2 Data and 7.2 Mobile digital strategies for each agency. I had a list of 246 agency and their URL's, all I needed to do was append /digitalstrategy.json and I could do three things:

  1. See if agency has published a digital strategy
  2. If they have, I pulled the 2.2 Data
  3. If they have, I pulled the 7.2 Mobile

Now I have all the data I can tell how active each agency is with the three major parts of the digital strategy including social, data API and mobile API.

About 25 agencies had published a Digital Strategy, but only 20 have actually published data API and mobile API as part of their strategy.

Now I had the data needed to assess the progress of the Digital Strategy.

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19 January 2013