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I wanted to showcase the positive in the Whitehouse Digital Strategy, using the tools prescribed in the strategy--such as social, open data, machine readable by default and open APIs.

To do this i needed to define, what was "positive" within the strategy. In my opinon a healthy digital strategy is equal parts about:

  • Social
  • Open Data
  • Open APIs
  • Mobile

Using these areas, I wanted to establish a ranking definition that would help me sort the 246 federal agencies, and showcase the top 10 or 20 that were doing the most meaningful work.

I developed the following definition:

  • Digital Strategy - Have they published their digital strategy in HTML, JSON and XML
  • Social - Number of Twiter accounts, Twitter followers, Facebook accounts, Facebook likes, Github accounts and Github repositories
  • Data - Number of API iniatives around open data.
  • Mobile - Number of API Iniatives to support mobile efforts.

I think once we start seeing more APIs and mobile apps deployed we'll be able to measure those areas a litle more critically, but for now this will do.

Now that I have a definition of what consititues "postive" behavior from federal agencies as part of the Digital Strategy, I can move to gather the data I need to rank agencies.

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18 January 2013